Friday, May 26, 2006

The Plan


This is Sarah and Geof’s travel blog. Hopefully it should give you some insight as to how we are progressing around the world. We (well… I, probably) intend to update it whenever we are internet inclined, which in this day and age is nearly everywhere.

We have set up two sites for this trip. One of which is the family edition (click here for safe surfing) – clean cut and work friendly, something to show your Nan, (Hi Nan! I’ll see you at Christmas!). The safe version will have words like ‘gumption’, ‘teetotal’, ‘flip-flop’ and ‘vestibule’ while the more verbose language like ‘F**K’, ‘N**s’, ‘Crev**e’ and ‘Dwarf’ will be relegated to here… the more creative and artistic site. Please choose between them at your peril, but they should be populated with the same basic stuff.

So enjoy and fee free to add us to your favourites, RSS feeds, leave comments and in general seethe jealously at our trip.


P.S. Sarah hasn’t seen this yet so she will post something when she finds out about it.


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