Thursday, August 31, 2006

Combatant 3

We have a new member of the team. Liz Holt, aged 17 (according to Supermarket attendants after she tried to buy wine on NZ) from Ealing formerly Kettering.

She was a former housemate of both Combatant number 1 and Combatant number 2 at University and even studied the same course. This qualifies her for geek status, again adding to our moments of shame when asked by new friends what we did for a living.

Strengths at the moment seem to be spotting live animals that move very little and thinking they are dead. She also screams loudly at these animals and has been known to laugh at them at the same time. The ealry riser of the troop is first to bed and first in the shower (the fool, everyone knows it takes time for the heating to kick in in hostels). Also the most gadgeted of the team, the mobile/PDA/GPS/Internet/Filofax is constantly to hand and checked minute by minute in case of 'certain' texts from 'certain' people. Adventure wise she has opted out of skydiving, WHICH IS ALLOWED! But is looking forward to the bungy jump. There is an overwhelming need to read the trashy magazines of this world with this one, which is rubbing off onto the other members of the team (I can't believe Tom Cruise!).

Highlights so far have been laughing at horses, bringing cool stuff for us out here. Talking about work (a nono that we've let her off of for the first week). Tripping over things. Whinging about phones not working, internet not working, pictures on the blog and being able to drive the car.

A true asset to the team, unfortunately just a temporary member, but things can change...

Contender 1 and 2.


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