Monday, November 20, 2006

18th November - Motorbike show and walking sydney

Friday was cool, just what Sarah wanted, to go to the Olympic park to go to a Motorbike show. Yes! Got to see all of the new 2007 models (bike models that is) and to try and grab some freebies. Unfortunately there wasn't too much stuff to grab. We did see some motocross bikes do big jumps and tricks and some sherco extreme bikes that rode up vertical walls and things. All very exciting for me, though I only heard the phrase 'can we go now' once.

That finished before lunch so we headed back to Sydney central to walk the botanical gardens and to go down to Mrs Macquaries chair that is a headland overlooking the bridge and the opera house. Got tonnes of photos of that!

After we walked all the way round to the opera house, stopped for a beer or two then headed over to the Rocks area again as it was a late night market going on. We picked up a small souvenir and watched some music that was being performed. IT was really busy with the locals coming down as well as the tourists.

Saturday was a Manly day again. We got up and did some much needed washing, then headed to the beach to surf. I went out this time, Sarah just wanted to bake, but she did get some proof of my surfing prowess as we have a picture of me standing up albeit on a tiny wave, though it did start off huge I might add. That session I did attempt to catch 2 of my biggest waves, to no avail as the nose dipped and I came away with 2 of my biggest crashes. Did catch a few though and I got shown up by a girl too.

After lunch we went for a walk and caught some of the volleyball tournament, lots of tall people hanging around. Oh we also saw the Great Britain Rugby league squad staying at the beach front hotel too, I think they are getting pummelled at the moment though by the southern hemisphere teams.

That night we packed, watched Big Fat Liar and Zorro on the tv that came with the room, and then slept like babies.

Tomorrow we are off to the Blue mountains. Sadly we leave Manly, yet another great great place where we both wish we could live.




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