Wednesday, November 29, 2006

27th November - Adelaide

Australian state number four has been reached - South Australia and the lovely city of Adelaide. Adelaide is home to Sarah's Mum's cousin Carolyn, who has kindly agreed to put us up for our Adelaide stint, and she was there at the airport to pick us up along with eldest grandson Kaleb. We saw a bit of the city on the way home from the airport. Carolyn's son and daugher-in-law, Reuben and Linda, soon arrived with their other son Asher, and as soon as the sun had cooled off we adjourned to the garden for a few beers. We were then joined by Barb and Mick, some friends of the family, and the champagne was opened (drank with Hibiscus flowers in the glasses - very nice and different!) and we feasted on chicken. A great evening.

Awoke the next morning and the BBQ was going and a couple more friends Karen and Lucy arrived for the brekkie and bucks fizz. This is some lifestyle. We headed into town to sort out our touristy plans out with great success, then went to see the highly anticipated Borat movie - yes we know this has been out forever in the UK but like wireless internet, movie releases are also somewhat backward here. Very funny movie!

Well next stop Kangaroo Island, where we are in for a 3 day 2 night extravaganza.



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