Sunday, December 10, 2006

4th December - The Ashes 2

Saturday saw us go into Adelaide itself to have a look around and to get some culture. So after finding a truly English pub, we sat down for a pint of Stella each and some pub food whilst watching the cricket. Not a bad days worth of doing nothing much at all, oh and we picked up some more Ashes tickets for monday.

In the evening Carolyn and the two of us went around to Reuben and Linda's new house. Reuben is Carolyn's son and their new house is huge, massive in fact. They have two sons who are pretty cool, Kaleb 5 and little Asher who is just 1. We had a great time, with a shed load of whiskey, wine and beer along with some card games as well. Suffice to say the English cleaned house with those!

Sunday saw some sore heads, and none sorer than mine. I also ran a bit of a fever and didn't get up till 4pm, so I can't report much on the day but apparently there was a fantastic roast dinner and nice wine, cooked by our lovely host.

Monday, we went to the Ashes again. We didn't get as good seats this time but we weren't complaining. We were right down the front by the fence behind mid-on or thirdman. There wasn't any shade which made it a bit difficult seeing as it was 33 degrees. Sarah melted next to me.

The day was awesome again, and we left England in a great position.




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