Sunday, December 10, 2006

7th December - Laters Australia!

Tuesday we got up early and headed down to the beach, Glenelg. The beach was really cool, the water was as still as anything like a lake. That made it quite eerie, we didn't go in the water as a 5m white pointer shark ate some surfers leg the day before. As luck would have it it actually turned up at the next beach along, Brighton beach, that morning too, we found out on the news that night.

Then about lunch time we went back to Carolyn's place to watch the end of the cricket, it was a freaking hot day and we needed the fan and cold beers, 36 degrees. We then watched the most dismal display of batting and a poor attempt of a comeback from England, the Aussies won and they rubbed our noses in it.

That evening we took Carolyn out for a meal to say thank you for having us. She was wonderful and very good to us. We stayed far longer than anywhere else on the trip and she was fantastic, thank you so much!

Wednesday was just spent packing and posting some stuff back home, an early night for the early flight tomorrow. We stopped around Reuben and Linda's place again to say goodbye and to have some pizza and some wine. Thank you to those two and we hope their vegas style christmas tree lights on the house win them the neighbourhood prize.

We say goodbye to Oz tomorrow, it's been awesome, hot and sunny, there has been surf and cold beer. A quality experience we will never forget.



P.S. All the best to Geordie Andy and Geordie Kate for their wedding day on the 9th, we hope all goes well and we are sorry we can't be there, good luck.


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