Thursday, December 14, 2006

12th December - Sightseeing day 1

Monday, this jet lag is wearing thin on the patience, it could just be laziness but we can't pin it down. Luckily got a call from Ma in the UK to wake us up at a measly 9am, then pelted it down to the train and into the city again.

This was another shopping day, a time to use up the American traveler's cheques that we had sensibly kept up until now. Sarah won today easily though we still couldn't find a suit for her and her up and coming interviews... We generally hung around Manhattan mall near Macy's and a load of sport shops too.

We got back to Scarsdale to clean up after ourselves and to wait for Anne and Frank to get back from Mexico. Unfortunately their flight was delayed, but we waited up and had a drink with them when they got in and caught up.

Tuesday saw more morning sleep worries, but made it in for 11:30 ish. This was a sight seeing day, all day. First stop was the Empire State building and the Skyride (which made Sarah feel sick the wuss). The views were great, it wasn't a cold day and you could see for a bout 15 to 20 miles.


Afterwards we headed to China town to have some lunch with Frank as he was working in the city that day. We had some fantastic Peking duck and were completely stuffed by the afternoon. Thanks to Frank for taking us there.

On a mission to walk off the lunch as we knew there was steak for dinner as well, we walked/got the subway up to Central park for a quick look around and then went to the Central Park zoo. A pretty damn good zoo for $8, and they had a massive snake as well as a polar bear.

Then just to cap off the day we stopped at Madame Tussauds as we could get in on our day pass. Saw a bunch of celebrities made of wax and Tom Green who wasn't as was filming outside. There was a cool haunted house section with live actors of Jason and Freddie Kruger, Sarah screamed like the girl she is and ran!

Making our way back to Scarsdale, we fell asleep and missed our stop, so had to get on the next train back the other way. Eventually getting back, Anne cooked us the best steak we've had on this trip and we have had a LOT of steak, this even beat the Chateau briande we had in Vegas.

Looking like footballs we went to bed.




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