Thursday, December 14, 2006

13th December - More sightseeing

What is with us not being able to get up, the alarm goes off but nothing happens, I bet Friday will come around and then the flight home will mess us up for a week again.

Mid morning/day we hit the Guggenheim museum, noted for its art and for its amazing architecture. We missed the latter as it was totally covered up by scaffolding, but we got the former, Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Monet and whole host of other artsy people to boot. Was really good actually.

Then we tried another museum but the queue was just too big, so we went for a beer instead. This was the first time we have actually enjoyed New York city, the rest we have just been seeing it. Chelsea v Newcastle was on the TV live as well which was great to see along with Saturday's goals. How good was Matthew Taylor's goal against Everton? Heh?

Back to the seeing, went to the Rockafella plaza for a quick picture, we are going back again tomorrow. But did go to the NBC studio tour, got asked some questions about the TV channel and had no idea who the people were as we were English, then got heckled. Did volunteer to be a stand in Weathergirl though which was fun, did my bit for the rain!

Grabbed some food in a pub then headed off to Madison Square garden, which oddly isn't square at all, more oval. Sarah saw her first basketball match, the Knicks v Atlanta, and New York won by a mile. There were tones of stereotypical New Yorkers there.

On the way home we saw our first 6ft 6" black transvestite on the train, all the others have struggled around the 5ft 10" mark but this one stood out.

More of the same tomorrow.




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