Monday, December 18, 2006

19th December - Nearing the end

So we have come to our last full day of traveling, well we kind of stopped
traveling when we hit Adelaide, we're more on a vacation now. Anyway, back into the
city again for some Statue of Liberty action, we took the Staten Island ferry that
goes right past Ellis Island. All a touch foggy though.

After we did some more shopping, had some lunch and then hung around the Rockafella
plaza watching the ice skating. We couldn't get on the rink as it was way too busy
unfortunately. All very christmasy around there.

That evening we went back to Scarsdale to have a near perfect roast dinner expertly
cooked by Anne. We were very fortunate to be able to stay with them and we thank them
so much.

On Friday morning we went back into New York one more time, just to pick up a few
things. We also went ice skating in Bryant park, Sarah's dream to skate in New York,
and there is another good story to follow about that, but not now. Stay tuned though.
We had to get back for lunch as we had to get to JFK airport to fly home. Yep home,
the trip is soon to be over.




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