Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tourists are us!

We have made it to Hollywood!

The 10 hour flight went well, though there was a ridiculous leaving time of 4:30am
for an 11:55 flight. But aside from being mistaken for English football hooligans at Heathrow security everything went smoothly and we got to LA and the USA Hostel
by 3pm American time. The hostel is good, we are sharing the room with two other
couples who seem nice. I didn't keep anyone awake with my snoring yet. The first
night at the hostel had a comedy festival, so we stayed up as long as possible for
that until we realised we'd been awake for 26 hours and so went to sleep.

We got up early, not through wanting but due to our body clocks and we headed out for
the most touristy thing possible - Universal Studios. It was really good, we got to
see a whole bunch of movie sets and go on a few rides here and there. We didn't see
anyone famous but we did get to meet Spiderman.

Now, I better give a small background on the next picture. One day, my buddy and I,
Tristan 'the original pirate' Jones along with Sarah were all watching Spiderman 2.
As smaller people do, they fell asleep within 10 minutes. Just at the pivotal part
of the movie she wakes up, lifts up the head and pronounces - "I HATE you Spiderman,
I HATE you Tobey Maguire!" and then drifts off to sleep again.
Now imagine the following conversation between Sarah and Spiderman: -

Spidey - "Hi, where are you from?"

Sarah - "I HATE you Spiderman, I HATE you Toby Macguire!"

Spidey - "What!?"

Sarah - "Bye loser!"

I laughed so hard I couldn't believe I kept the camera straight.
Anyway, we are off to Catalina Island today, just off the coast of LA. Still trying
to watch some footie, Brazil v Ghana starts in a minute or two. (8am here). Come on
England, 1-0 is enough. Now we have to crush Portugal!

Laters for now.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Leaving... on a jet plane... be back 15th December!

Well, it is time to leave.
It is currently midnight on saturday the 24th, nope sorry it is now the 25th... I'm getting on a plane in 10 hours, but leaving in 4. Must be early now!

Here is a picture of the packing extravaganza I had today: -

Check out the bog roll.
The last couple of days have been manic. Real manic. I never thought not working would be so stressfull! But I have got to see loads of people before I go. Big up me Nan of course, had some lunch with her and then came back to fix the fence and things, see you at christmas. Massive props to the rest of the family Ames, both crazy Aunties have done splendidly, the cousins too. Hellos to the devon massive also. Huge props to the Joneses, I hope retirement/car licence/getting out to Oz works out well. And to everyone else who has said their goodbyes too. Will miss you all but please stay in contact through this wonder of technology!
Email addresses: -
In case you want a private moment with one of us... we may charge for some things like tech support/gambling insights/weather reports/photo shoots/ wrestling matches... etc
Just to give you a recap over the last couple of days. Sarah and I went to see KT Tunstall, who was excellent, though slighty shorter than expected. We also had the awesome champagne from Jane and Graham before hand so enjoyed it even more.
Tuesday was a BIG trek on the bike back from the venue to St Albans then on to Woking for lunch with the 'Programmers'. They totally looked forlorne and lost without us. I don't blame them, I make me laugh too! Though they did crucify me for looking like a cross between a stormtrooper and a Power Ranger in my all in one 'leatherman' outfit. I love my onsie!
Then was the dissapointing but 'got the job done' England match.
The rest of the week merged into one with many awesome meals and beers and football. I worked out today that out of 50 games, I missed 6. Not bad, not bad. And on the betting front... about 200 up! Wooohoo. Used a tool called BetTrader Pro and it is very, very good. (Especially on the 7 day free trial).
Absolutely GUTTED that we are going to miss the England game tomorrow! Bad planning, but what can you do months in advance?
Special mention to the Ma! Miss you loads, thanks for your help and the final roast dinner. TOP NOTCH.
Well, off tomorrow... sleep might be few and far between but the 11 hour journey might be a good time to catch up.
Please email, please stay in touch, please stay piratey!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday night - leaving do number 5

Again we have been out.

It seems we hardly stay in any more... tough life.

Anyway, this saturday we met up for one of our last leaving parties, this time with Annie, Neal, Nicky, Gary, Jerry, Kevin, Liz and Sue in London.

We started with a little introduction to the Oz/Kiwi lifestyle by going to a Walkabout pub. A few beers were had and obviously the football was on all the 100 TVs around the place. Everything was going all very sensibly so far.

Then we had a 'snack' as Gary likes to call it, at Zizi's, where we dined on pizza, pasta and a pastie for Mr Neal. Mr Neal also talked at length about the size of his guns and how he could outpress Capin Nigel anytime! A challenge was thrown down.

Afterwards we headed to covent garden for some more cheeky beers. I was turned away from the Porterhouse for my poor choice of footwear, apparently 'pool wear' is not allowed on a saturday night in London. So we found yet another Walkabout just around the corner.

We caught the end of the awesome Italy v USA match and the beer begun to flow.

Sarah and I had a great time and it was sad to say goodbye to you all, but we have to do what we have to do, and we will be back for the annual New Years fancy dress bonanza, wherever it may be...

Sarah also came off a touch worse for wear, lets say Miss Chunder visited but only when we got home, and she loves you all very very very very much, as I was told ALL THE WAY HOME, on the train.

Please enjoy the best pick of the photos below... we got a free giant finger for buying sucha massive round by the way: -


Thursday, June 15, 2006

10 Minute Break

I think it's about time I got some action on here. My parents have had my nose to the grindstone!

First thanks to everyone from work who came out for drinks last Thursday in sunny Staines. It was a fun and drunken sendoff - even though the Pheonix did seem particularly dodgy and even Cheekees wouldn't let us in (this was surely a very good thing). A couple of disappointments in the evening - I'm sure I AM strong enough to give Will a piggy back, I just wasn't focussed. Next time. And I have no photos of drunken people to grace this page because someone ran out all the battery on my camera for me taking pictures of scary looking drunk men. Naming no names.

Another sunny day on Friday and lunch at the North Star - this time full camera battery but just forgot to take photos. I hope I don't have similar lapses of memory at the grand canyon and the like. Anyway I am not so good with the goodbyes and was pretty sad to leave NDS but will see you all in 6 months!

Thanks also for the good wishes from the family celebrators at Sunday lunch. Mum had turned the big 6-0, Emily 21 and graduating (how did that come around so quickly?) and Paul and Claire came with the great news of baby no. 2 and a new job for Paul so it was excitement (and gout) all round the dinner table. The children got a bit restless towards the end of lunch so played with cars and did some colouring:

After lunch Geof tried for the cheeky kip, and Joseph took his opportunity to attack:

But apart from all this jollity, I am in the midst of yet another house move as my parents follow my lead and become homeless, so they are putting my well honed packing skills to good use. Actually my 10 minute break is up so I better get back to it if I want to down tools for the 5pm kick off! (World cup is up to expectations so far, apart from Poland, who I have been cheering for in vain).



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why working is far less stressfull then being a bum


The past week of being homeless and jobless has been a real test... I know what you are thinking 'No way loser' but it has.
I've somehow managed to acquire some Asthma, so there have been more than a few trips to several different doctors. I've also managed to lose a part of one of my teeth as well so there has also been multiple trips to the dentist.
Also moving back home has been interesting (Hi Ma), it's been a long time since I've had a bedtime curfew, but it's great to have a nice glass of milk and cookies before bed.

But the week has been awesome. Plenty of BBQs, plenty of beer and plenty of saying 'See ya next year' to anyone who will listen. Big props to the people for their sofas/beds/floor and the use of their toilets, I think I've used half of Epping forest in bog paper this last week...
Super props go to Chris 'Half an Iron man' Waldron for letting the two of us stay in Richmond and put up with us, not that he had much to do as his exams finished on the Monday. I will get my revenge next time on the crazy golf circuit, it was the sea air and scorching 28 degrees that put me off.

The world cup has been awesome so far, only missed 3 games so far which isn't bad going, and there is another 21 over the next 7 days. The gambling front has had a minor set back, but a few wins have put on the road to evens. Trying to steal a few quid on the French but they are struggling to find the net...

Tomorrow sees me going for lunch with me Nan (Hi Nan) and then some more gambling and possibly more pub visiting in Bognor. Under 2 weeks till we go now, the whole thing isn't really sinking in yet, maybe when we get to the airport...

Right one world cup related picture and I am gone.
Laters for now.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The start - Friday night


It is Monday. I feel I should be at work but then again I am sat here watching the cricket, trading on Betfair and using my personal chef (Hi Ma!) to fetch stuff for me. Maybe I could get used to this.

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday night.

The event started very professionally and calmly... thank you all for my presentation, it was very kind of you all. I suppose that he would feel robbed if I didn't make a special mention to Will 'Mad dog' Norman-Walker for the 500 Hungarian froobles he kindly added, my ass has never been so clean.

After the majority of people said their goodbyes and sensibly ducked out for the evening, this left a gang of developing Neanderthals. The 5p game was brought into play and though they were developers and that the hand-eye co-ordination is severely hindered they eventually cottoned on on how to get the 5p in the half pint glass. Drunk ego then took over and back stabbing, name calling and dirty look giving was flowing around the table, except for Kin who was a bit of a slow starter, though he did get me in the end. You certainly know who your friends are in this 5p drinking game. John 'Rim challenge' Boothroyd set his sights on Rob 'the prodigy' Smith and Paul 'Loony' Lunau, but was back stabbed by Chon 'Pink shirts go with my eyes' Lee and all 3 attacked him so he ended up entirely worse for wear, he even chucked my motorbike helmet down the road AND cried off home early!

We finished off with a pizza and a G and T night cap. Here's a few more drunk people (spot the one who was driving): -

Thanks again to the Dudley's for the use of the sofa, and to everyone who drank in jealousy!

Right I am off for a run, a bath and an afternoon-starting drinking session with some students.



Friday, June 02, 2006


Here is a quick plan of where will be and when: -

3rd June - 3 sun packed weeks in Bognor Regis, Chez Price 5* accomodation. Food and drink are sublime, the hotel service awesome but the views will be lacking.

25th June - California
A bit of a trek around here consisting of LA -> Catalina Island -> Las Vegas -> Yosemite National Park (for the world cup final !?!?!?! why?) -> San Francisco -> Point Reyes -> Santa Cruz -> Monterey -> Big Sur -> Santa Barbara -> LA
The highlight being the Moto GP race at Laguna Seca.

30th July - Fiji - Island hopping in the Yasawas.

14th August - New Zealand, North and South Islands.

14th September - Australia
Melbourne -> Sydney -> Gold Coast -> Brisbane -> Cairns -> Adelaide
Again more Moto GP at Phillip Island, all being well an Ashes Test in Adelaide.

8th December - New York

15th December - Bognor Regis!!!!

Combatant 2

Representing the luxury beach resort of Bognor Regis, Cobatant 2 is a twenty something male with a wide variety of talents, ranging from the ability to bounce 5p coins into pint glasses, to instantly looking German when wearing other people's glasses. Proficient in one language plus the naughty words from many others like French, German, Latin and indeed Eskimo, and with a passable Pirate dialect, he will be invaluable as we traverse largely English speaking countries.

Trained in the dubious sounding discipline of "Spin and Pump", and with supreme hand-eye co-ordination honed by many years practicisng the ways of PS2, combatant 2 has skills to battle the fiercest of tortoises. Maybe even a landlocked turtle if he used the element of surprise.

Pet hates - Losing at Pro-Evolution Soccer. Middle aged people that salsa dance at any opportunity, especially wearing vests. Missing Top Gear.

Pet Loves - G&T o'clock. Pompey FC and Harry (boo to you too). Motorbikes. Writing his future award winning script.

Strengths - The much flexed guns, affectionately named Smith and Weston. Lethal with both cricket bat and ball. Master of hypnosis just like Derren Brown.

Weaknesses - Diminishing strength of the Samson variety. Betfair. Prone to sneezing fits.